Fornet Industries Limited(HK) - A PCB and LED Displays Manufacturer

Our Slogan: Determind to deliver quality, quantity and service for PCB and LED Displays, Fornet is the SMART CHOICE.

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Fornet Company Introduction

Fornet Industries Limited is a PCB manufacturing company established in 1990, with its Head Quarters in Hong Kong and Manufacturing unit in Shenzhen China, producing double-sided and multi-layer PCBs (2 Layers to 8 Layers) with cost effective surface finishing such as Lead-free HAL, OSP, ENIG compiying with ROHS directives.

Fornet PCB(Shenzhen) Company Limited, the Manufacturing unit of Fornet Industries Limited is located in Song Gong Town, Bo On district, P.R.C and occupies an area of over 200,000 square feet with around 700 employees to achieve a monthly output of around 400,000 square feet.

Fornet is committed to invest continously in it manufacturing facilities.

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Fornet Company Structure

  • Managing Director - The highest level director that direct in charge the following departments and staffs:
    • Sales department - In charge the sales of PCB and LED Displays.
    • Finance department - Balancing resources of company that makes it operates normally.
    • General Manager - Manage daily operation of the company, and in charge the following staffs:
      • Administration department -
      • Equipment Maintenance department -
      • Engineering department -
      • PE department -
      • Quality department -
      • Assistant General Manager - Mainly in charge the following department:
        • Production Plan and Control department -
        • Production Material Control department -

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FornetStaff Proportion

Staff Proportion Table

Title Percentage
Engineer 10
Management Staff 4
Manufacturing Staff 55
Quality Staff 6
Other 25

Staff Education Proportion Table

Title Percentage
College 15
High School 20
Junior High School 55
Undergraduate or Above 10

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